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Introduction to Online Marketing

WebMarketingNZ, an online marketing training provider, will conduct several online marketing training sessions in Queenstown this summer.

Learn how to create an effective online strategy by knowing the fundamentals of online marketing and how social media affects your chances of being seen in top search engines!

Contact support@webmarketingnz.com for more details or if you want to setup a customized training programme for your business.

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Training Details:
3 hour in depth, comprehensive presentation on the fundamentals of online marketing and social media marketing techniques
Participants will be emailed a copy of the slide presentation and they may bring their own laptops
Minimum of 10 participants per session
$50 per participant per session
Location TBA, based on # of participants
Date TBA - We will try to accommodation weekly training workshops as much as possible

Register today! 20% off early birds!

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Are you ready to invest online?

Sign up for Google Adwords Management Programme and get $75 worth of advertising budget.

Google Adwords Setup Package AUD 399

Setup Package, Includes $75 free Google Advertising Budget

1. Online Competitor Analysis, Advise, Online Marketing Consultation

2. Google Analytics and conversion tracking website installation

3. Keywords analysis

4. Account Setup and Google Management Training* optional (if you do not wish us to manage the account per month)

5. 3 Banners for Google Display Advertising* optional

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Join our mailing list and you may win a free 3 page customized website! Web Marketing AU is regularly looking for small businesses which we can help propel online sales! Contact us at support@webmarketingau.com

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Training Small Business Owners

Web Marketing NZ - We believe that helping small business owners succeed mean sharing relevant knowledge with them about online marketing. Our online marketing training programmes enable business owners to decide which online marketing channels they want to invest in or which to to prioritize. We equip business owners with the knowledge to determine the most effective online marketing system for their business and for their budget. We provide them with online tools which we use to measure online performance.

To access these tools, please visit our web marketing training website at http://www.webpresenz.com Register and login to download slide presentations that help you understand the most common social marketing tools used today. If you are interested in a customized training programme for your organization, feel free to give us a call at 06-344-2247 or email us at support@webmarketingnz.com

We also provide our clients with a $75 coupon to use for Google Adwords. If you are interested, please contact us at support@webmarketingnz.com

About Us

We are a small organization dedicated to promote entrepreneurship and value-based marketing concepts. We advocate TRUTH MARKETING in ecommerce and digital strategies. We attempt to assist young entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs and small business owners in conceptualizing, creating, promoting and selling their products and services online.

Web Marketing NZ was founded in 2011 by LeahVillanuevaDG, a passionate advocate for Truth in Digital Media and Online Marketing Services. She started selling online at 22 in 2002.  Now, she manages a small group of people and works with different businesses globally to bring innovative, high quality products and services worldwide.


1. Integrity
We believe that a sustainable business should be aligned with a vision that is consistent with skills of the organization, the demands of the market and the goals of the business owners. This is strategic integrity.

We believe that operational and marketing integrity involves consistent values provided by the product being sold and its promotion.

We believe that ethical business practices, respectful business relationships and value-based decision making would make a business owner sustain and profit from his business.

2. Innovation
We believe that ideas give birth to action; carefully thought of ideas will bring forth carefully considered actions; great ideas came from experience and knowledge and most of all from a “way of thinking”.

3. Information
We believe that the best contribution to society we can offer is to provide a well-researched, carefully considered and well-analyzed information — a channel of free but valuable education.

Our mission statement

To promote TRUTH in marketing and e-commerce.

Online Marketing for Small Business

The web is always changing. The internet is a huge part of many people's lives now, especially business owners. Recently, Google just released Google +. Business owners need to know that their presence on Google+, as in the # of times their website is passed on, shared, clicked when it's showing on anyone's Google+ profile, is considered in search engine ranking. Google has come up with an algorithm to make sure that the most relevant websites or comments get higher ranking on the Google search engine results.

To stay relevant online, small businesses need not complicate their SEO strategies. They only need to focus on the following:

1. CONTENT - Keeping your website's content original and fresh is a big factor in search rankings. Google punishes websites which appear to retrieve content from other websites.
2. SOCIAL MEDIA - Keep your content distributed regularly online! Make sure you are on Twitter and Facebook and more importantly Google +

If you're interested in discussing online marketing strategies for your business, talk to us today! Consultation is free. Please email us at support@webmarketingnz.com and we'll give you a call.

Google Plus What's the Buzz?

Google + is out! 10 Million users in 3 weeks. It sure has relevan t features that Facebook and Twitter don't have. Here's a Google Plus Guide!

Web Marketing NZ Google Adwords Performance

As part of the Web Marketing NZ team, I am happy see great results for all the businesses we help achieve significant online presence.
We help small business owners effectively use Google adwords as an online advertising tool.

Web Marketing NZ Client Performance
Ad Impressions 41,227,470
Clicks 219,849
Average conversion rate 4.36%

Contact us today at support@webmarketingnz.com for a free consultation. We are happy and ready to help!

How to Add Google +1 to Your Website (Google Plusone Button)

Everyone's talking about the direct competitor feature for Facebook "LIKE" - Google Plusone +1. I think this is a very powerful addition to Google's features because of its current control over the search engine market. Click here to see how to add Google Plusone +1 on your website. However, it remains to be seen how successful this can be. Note that one very important reason why people on Facebook "LIKE" a page is because they can see an array of images, an interesting video, a quote or comment they can relate with. This doesn't really work with Google +1.

Do you need Facebook for your Business?

Found this article on NZ Herald today written by Debbie Mayo-Smith. In summary, she isn't convinced about the power of Facebook for helping small businesses.

  "Well, you can listen to the young twenty-something social media enthusiasts who harp on about the wonders of Facebook for business. Or you can take a note from this lady's book and be more discerning about where you spend your marketing time and effort." - Debbie Mayo-Smith

The question remains for small businesses in NZ - Does Facebook help promote your business? My quick answer? YES. It doesn't even matter if you have a small business or a local business. Let me explain:

1. Facebook is not a direct selling tool. So if you think you're going to get sales directly from promoting your product and services on your Facebook walls, you are mistaken. Facebook is a customer management tool. Creating a Facebook page for your business is like creating a channel to engage with your customers directly. It's saying to your customers 'you are available' to attend to their questions even 'after sales'. Facebook is a great customer service tool.

2. The goal of a Facebook fan page is not to get thousands of random followers. This is where 'quality' of fans is better than quantity. Quality fans provide relevant and useful feedback to your posts.

3. If you want to target 'acquiring' fans, then you need to offer a creative promotional programme. You need to offer a 'carrot' to get people to LIKE your page. However, I must point out that there's no stopping these fans to UNLIKE your page once the promotion is over. So the challenge is to really keep connecting to your fan base and keep posting relevant information.

4. Focus on Social Score. Facebook has its own algorithm. It only pushes feeds from your page to your fans' wall if your fan has established a connection with you by 'liking' your posts, 'commenting' on your posts or 'sharing' your posts. If your fans do not contribute and participate on your wall, Facebook detects that your fan-to-fan page connection is 'shallow' and Facebook would automatically push other feeds to your fans' wall.

5. Facebook is a just another 'channel' yes. However, millions of people use it everyday. It's a channel you can not afford to miss. You'd need to have a good strategy on how to use it. You'd also need to write up some terms on how customers can use your page.

Australians on Facebook

More than 10 million Aussies are now using Facebook. 18 to 34 year olds make up more than 50% of the entire Aussie facebook population. Small to large size businesses consider it a very important marketing tool.
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NZ Facebook Usage & Statistics

This graph below shows the increase of the # of facebook users in New Zealand. 18 to 34 year olds make up  about 50% of the NZ facebook users.  Slightly more females are using Facebook vs males.
General info: Total Facebook Users: 1 892 940 Penetration of population: 44.93%
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Small Business Online Marketing Needs

Customers' satisfaction is #1 for online marketing and consultancy businesses. To help improve our products and services, we invite you to share your insights and feedback. Click on this link to participate on our survey.

Set up a Website Today!

Web Marketing NZ specializes in the development of keyword-relevant, search engine optimized and creatively designed websites for the fashion, tourism and retail industries.

The value of tapping online revenue sources for companies is undeniable. We are prepared to help you every step of the way in discovering the right online revenue channels for your business. Contact us today - let's work on a project within your budget!

Email: support@webmarketingnz.com
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