Online Marketing for Small Business

The web is always changing. The internet is a huge part of many people's lives now, especially business owners. Recently, Google just released Google +. Business owners need to know that their presence on Google+, as in the # of times their website is passed on, shared, clicked when it's showing on anyone's Google+ profile, is considered in search engine ranking. Google has come up with an algorithm to make sure that the most relevant websites or comments get higher ranking on the Google search engine results.

To stay relevant online, small businesses need not complicate their SEO strategies. They only need to focus on the following:

1. CONTENT - Keeping your website's content original and fresh is a big factor in search rankings. Google punishes websites which appear to retrieve content from other websites.
2. SOCIAL MEDIA - Keep your content distributed regularly online! Make sure you are on Twitter and Facebook and more importantly Google +

If you're interested in discussing online marketing strategies for your business, talk to us today! Consultation is free. Please email us at and we'll give you a call.

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