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Whilst there could be many tools, tricks and tips on digital marketing, there are 4 fundamental elements that, when integrated, will yield the most significant results.  This is a summary: 1. Data Historical data of website traffic, page insights, conversion rates, attributions etc. These data could be tracked and measured over a period of time and could be compared with other time periods or benchmarks.  Data serves as a useful guide to any digital marketer or business owner when deciding on which activities, efforts, images, text, strategies and channels to pursue. The key here is to use data as a *guide*, to anticipate and predict results. 2. Market Analysis There are 3 main groups of markets to initially study or learn when thinking of a digital marketing strategy. First is the macro environment - knowledge of general market trends. Basics would be "how is the world changing - in terms of customer behaviour and preferences" (as an example) Second is the indu

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