4 Important Elements of Digital Marketing

Whilst there could be many tools, tricks and tips on digital marketing, there are 4 fundamental elements that, when integrated, will yield the most significant results.  This is a summary:

1. Data
Historical data of website traffic, page insights, conversion rates, attributions etc. These data could be tracked and measured over a period of time and could be compared with other time periods or benchmarks.  Data serves as a useful guide to any digital marketer or business owner when deciding on which activities, efforts, images, text, strategies and channels to pursue. The key here is to use data as a *guide*, to anticipate and predict results.

2. Market Analysis
There are 3 main groups of markets to initially study or learn when thinking of a digital marketing strategy. First is the macro environment - knowledge of general market trends. Basics would be "how is the world changing - in terms of customer behaviour and preferences" (as an example) Second is the industry, a smaller subset of the macro environment - knowledge of trends in the digital marketing industry and readiness to learn to use the new or most effective tools to use. However the industry study also includes the industry of the business itself, whether it be hospitality, air travel, fashion, professional services, design, real estate etc. Third would be the direct competition. A solid assessment of the business position with regard to pricing, service packages and offering/capabilities will need to be done. There should be strong awareness of the business' strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

3. Content 
Timeless content will not only save time in terms of creating presentation documents and online press releases or blogs; but will also enhance the credibility of a business. Product presentations, descriptions will need to accurately represent the business. A very effective content marketing approach is promoting helpful and educational content. Consistent delivery of helpful content to target customers will keep your brand on top of mind.

4. Customer Service
The most effective after-sales marketing tool which could be used to up-sell to and retain customers is customer service. Now, there are many ways to stay in touch, offer new products and give benefits to existing customers with the use of various social media and email marketing tools. However, the fundamental idea remains - that the way customers are treated will reap business rewards and even earn referrals.