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The Future is Mobile

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Google Partners Connect Retail Palmerston North

Join us for the next Google Partners Connect Retail
An event in partnership with Google, where you will have a chance to collaborate with experts on how to get your retail business thriving on the web.

27 September 2017 

Register Online - Click here for details.

Expressions of Interest: Online Marketing Trainings in Wanganui

We have received several enquiries about having more regular online marketing trainings / meetups in Wanganui. Training sessions on each of the following topics:

  1. Intro on Online Marketing - Beginner's Guide
  2. Google / SEO Advertising - Difference of Organic and Paid Search (Methodologies, Principles, Best Practices)
  3. How to Improve Your Website (Intermediate, includes Data Analysis using Google Analytics)
  4. Effectively Using Facebook, Instagram
  5. Using Mailchimp / Email Marketing Intro

We are planning to have a round of training sessions in Wanganui by Spring-Summer 2017 and looking for indications of interest at this stage.

Speaker/Facilitator - Google Adwords Certified Agency Owner / Marketing Management Consultant / Blogger, 15 years experience in online marketing (US market), 8 years experience in NZ online market. Industry experience: Online Retail/E-commerce, Technology, Tourism, Professional Agencies/Consulting, Publications, Non-profits, Customer Service Management, Business Process Outsourcing, Fashion 

Please email support@webmarketingnz.com with expressions of interest so that we can organise accordingly.

Online Marketing Training and Google Partners Connect

Join us and discover how Google Adwords can help expand your business opportunities online via various channels: Search, Maps, Display, Videos, etc!

Interact with your local Google Certified experts and expand your knowledge on online marketing.
Registrations open until May 12th 2017 only. This is a free event.

1:30 pm- registration
2:00 pm- Google presentation - via live streaming - Speakers - Google Australia Team
2:45 pm - Online Marketing Intro for Small Businesses
3:10 pm - Question and Answer

Google Partners Connect - RSVP by May 12, 2017 via https://partnersconnect.withgoogle.com/event/web-assist-ltd 
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Coffee Club Meetups

Digital Meetups Over Coffee!
Talk about digital strategies in a friendly atmosphere! A relaxing way to learn!
See you there!

October 2017

The next coffee meetup will be in September 2017
Spring learning!

Follow us on Instagram @gomanawatu or @whanganui for new updates, coffee meetups, marketing tips and training schedules.

2017 Moving Forward with Digital Marketing

Online Marketing is a wonderful ballet dance:

1. Balance of creativity and data analysis
2. Grace and consistency in terms of customer service
3. Disciplined execution of strategies
4. Continuous training
5. Understanding of audience preferences and behaviour
6. Beautiful production and presentation (includes design)
7. Reliable backstage management and administration

The modern workplace is virtual. The modern manager / business owner works anywhere with anyone with incredible attitude and appropriate skill.  2017 presents amazing opportunities to succeed in an online business.

What's in store?

Search (Google) is a fragmented channel eg: organic search | local search | paid and mobile | voice search etc. This in-channel fragmentation is on top of general online channel fragmentation (social media | video advertising | email marketing etc). Each channel requires different sets of tools/softwares/strategies to excel.
Trends in "Online & Mobile Search":
1. Organic Search
a. Voice search
b. Mobile search; and increasing use of mobile and multi-tasking in multiple devices
2. In-channel search (Facebook has a slightly similar keyword search feature as well as sites like Pinterest and Tripadvisor)
Social Media will still kick in some sales. However there needs to be a disciplined approach to make the efforts work.  The key is to determine the channels that appeal to your market. 

Video Marketing is a good channel to investigate for small business. Video production is expensive but there are many ways to create low-cost and educational / inspirational videos these days using new apps and easy-to-use devices.

Google Adwords is an effective channel. A lot of business owners think it is very expensive to implement however a good understanding of customer acquisition costs will help in determining whether this strategy is best for your business.  This is certainly a quick way to spread awareness about your business.

Consider this post about Online Marketing Checklist and this post about Jumping into the Social Media Bandwagon.

We wish you the best year yet!

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