Business Training

Early 2013, I have been approached by several business owners and heads of non-profit organisations in the Whanganui-Manawatu region to conduct trainings for profit and non-profit organizations on Social Media and online marketing.  I took up the challenge considering my experience in training my managers and colleagues when I was employed by larger international organizations in my previous career.

It took me a few months to create a series of training programs that fit small to medium-sized businesses operating in the regions. The training events were successful and it was a wonderful opportunity to share my experience. 

Technical knowledge, business operations, specific target market, practical applications were my main considerations. I wanted to make sure each participant, regardless of age, would leave the training room with executable knowledge of online marketing and social media - customised to the needs & capabilities of their business. My aim was to make participants more confident about using online tools to help them keep up with the times.

I found out that the best way to train technical and creative digital strategies is to conduct trainings for a group of 4-7 people. Five is ideal.  Anything more than 7 is pushing it because it's going to be very hard to address specific questions of each individual in a few hours.

Since then, my team and I have conducted successful customised training programs for several groups and companies in the region. Each training session is 3-4 hours, inclusive of 2 20-minute breaks.

Customised Training Programs

  1. Using Facebook & Instagram for Your Business (Advanced Program)
  2. Online Marketing Introduction
  3. Mailchimp Email List Management & Marketing
  4. Google Ads  / Paid Advertising Introduction

Please email support @ to express your interest.

Our group also regularly organises free training events and coffee meetups to discuss the most recent online marketing trends and tools.

We also offer one-on-one training and coaching via Zoom or Skype as an advanced, premium training programme for those who prefer a more customised approach specific to their business needs.