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Welcome to my blog! Here, I share my ideas and insights on digital marketing and managing online businesses. I work with product specialists, content creators and web developers across a diverse array of industry sectors. We assist small business owners and entrepreneurs enhance their online presence. Technology is moving so fast, disrupting many industries. I hope that our combined experiences and knowledge on marketing & managing online businesses will help many people who have decided to take their business online. Let's learn together, continuously! Please contact me at 027 460 2555 or reach out via Instagram @gomanawatu @whanganui.

Meetups Over Coffee - Digital Marketing

We conduct free meetings over coffee for community and non-profit organisations.  Typically, meetings last for 1-2 hours, held at central cafes in Palmerston North and Whanganui if held in New Zealand.

The best group size is ideally up to 5 participants (minimum 3) so that our resource person would be able to handle as many questions as possible and each participant would be able to tell his/her story. We normally discuss ideas on online marketing, new tips, questions about how to use different online marketing platforms, etc.

If you are interested in hosting a coffee meetup with us, please contact us at 09 889 0515 or 027 460 2555.

For small businesses, we offer a more tailored training for your organisation, please contact us for custom training sessions.