Remote Work Efficiency Tips

In order to keep the business running, many established companies pushed WFH (working from home) as an alternative yet temporary solution. Employees simply needed internet connection and a reliable computer then voila, the ball should keep rolling.

Summer 2021, in the US, many of these employees are back in their offices.  The expedited drive in mass vaccinations against Covid-19 and re-opening of many cities steered many higher level executives to bring the employees back to their monitored desks. 

Real-time monitoring, hands-on management, immediate feedback, close collaboration, connection and team building - these are the main reasons why remote working is not appealing to many organisations.

Let me share some very effective techniques to keep productivity in check whilst working remotely:

1. Stick to a schedule. Block all non-work related distractions during your 'work hours'. Take breaks and eat on time. 

2. Keep warm (or work in an airconditioned space). Temperature affects concentration. As much as possible try to create an environment where external forces could not distract.

3. Use white noise (rain, waves, etc). Some people say classical music is an effective background noise. Some people have live news in the background.  

4. Hydrate! Caffeine drinkers definitely need to keep too many cups of coffee at bay as plain water is just as effective. 

5. Take a walk or exercise every 1 or 2 hours. Short periods of concentration have wonderful, rejuvenating effects.

6. Invest in good electronic devices with appropriate specs.  A noise cancelling headset, for example, is quite useful for online meetings and blocking out outside noise. 

7. Have a back up internet connection. 

8. Keep your work space clean. This is an age old advise. A clear desk is a clear mind. 

For those people who regularly work from home, here are some additional tips:

9. Change your working environment from time to time. Have a library day or a cafe day. 

10. Proactively make calls - catch up with staff, colleagues, clients and business partners. Keep in touch with the rest of the ecosystem.

The following issues need to be addressed when working remotely:

1. Data security and access control

2. Time monitoring softwares are usually adopted by many companies.

3. Data back up

4. Project management, calendar and scheduling apps 

 5. Adequate lighting

You may view more productivity tools on this link.

Share your own tips in terms of working from home productively. Connect with us!