Online Marketing Checklist

These are the top 5 elements of your online marketing strategy that deserves serious attention:

1. Mobile Website / responsive website - the sale of mobile devices have already overtaken the sale of desktop computers in 2013, surpassing expectations in 2014. Businesses trying to compete online need to make sure their websites are presentable on mobile in 2015.
- Increasing free internet hot spots will encourage people to check business, product details online
- Convenience of mobile is highly appreciated
- Keep your websites simple. Use colour to attract customers instead of effects like flash. The rule is: LESS IS MORE.

2. Effective Use of Social Media - Social Media apps dominate mobile devices. It is imperative to have social media channels which are regularly updated to reach more customers. It's important to have multiple social media channels too but choose the most effective ones that are used by your market most.
- Use informative images - simple infographics are better but the content needs to provide insights
- Use stunning and inspiring images - free tools like instagram and quick photo editing apps can turn amateur images into professional-looking ones. These apps give regular images additional effects to make it more appealing.
- Identify the channel which your market uses. Online consumers have distinct preferences on how they are viewing content. Most people are attracted to images. This is why Pinterest and Instagram are impressively very popular. Some markets like documentaries, videos, interviews, scientific papers. Some people are attracted to numbers and research. Determine how your customers digest information.

3. Effective content marketing - Always offer substantive, helpful articles to your readers.  Include maps, images, videos in your articles.

4. Paid advertising - experiment in small amounts. Social media channels like Facebook, Youtube will push paid advertising to its users. It's important to experiment on their channels in small amounts to study how they can potentially contribute to your overall marketing strategy. Invest in small amounts and evaluate the results immediately. All strategies need to be measurable so it can be improved.

5. Marketing promotions and product improvements - It's important to remember that social media and paid online channels like search engine marketing through Google Adwords are just channels to distribute information about your business. To enhance the effectiveness of your online marketing, you need to come up with promotions, packages that may attract your target market. Online consumers are bargain hunters. If not, at the very least, they are after the best value for their money. Showcase your product's features, advantages and benefits online. Create articles about new product launches or improvements.

Remember to have an integrated approach : Understanding of your own customer habits, where they hang out online, how they view your website, how your competitors are moving -- These are all very important elements that need to be added on your online marketing strategy for 2015.

Updated April 2015.