Truth About Online Marketing

Starting up a business online is not easy to start let alone sustain. The continuous improvement of web applications make it quite difficult for business owners to update their knowledge in marketing through online channels while they are busy with the daily operations of their business. 80% of all online businesses fail within 2 to 3 years - for many reasons including inability to sustain traffic to their websites.

The ongoing costs and the information overload might seem too much of a hassle that make small business owners forego the online distribution opportunities.

That's why Web Marketing NZ is prepared to provide affordable internet marketing solutions to small business owners so they will have a chance to experiment on the ability of their business to succeed online.

Web Marketing NZ has streamlined online marketing process that enables us to work with little to no supervision. We would even provide consultation services to guide business owners as we improve their online presence. We have been doing online marketing since 2003 mostly for clients in USA, Australia, China and New Zealand, working within their budgets.

We believe in our ability and we have proven it.

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